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Michiel Appelman

Network Engineer, Information Technology and Services

Hi! I'm Michiel Appelman, Network Engineer at AMS-IX. This is an overview of the stuff I've been up to the past years.

Michiel Appelman's Bio:

Michiel Appelman already started his career at AMS-IX as a part-time Network Engineer primarily focusing on Ethernet Performance Measurements of the AMS-IX platform and 100GbE implementation in a Metropolitan Area Network. During this time he also finished the MSc. Systems and Network Engineering (SNE) at the University of Amsterdam. His interest was drawn to Software Defined Networking (SDN) and he has written two reports on that subject.


After graduating, he started working full-time for the highly respected AMS-IX NOC. Next to supporting customers with their AMS-IX connection, he is looking to expand his knowledge by automating software and hardware test tools, some certification paths and also by keeping an eye on the development of SDN.


Specialties: Ethernet OAM and Performance Measurement, MPLS and its stack of protocols, Metro Area Network Deployment, OpenFlow and SDN, Linux Server Administration and Scripting.

Michiel Appelman's Experience:

  • NOC Engineer at AMS-IX

    As a Network Engineer at AMS-IX I am primarily involved with 100 GbE implementations in Metro Area Network. This includes circuit provisioning of links with in-house developed amplifiers to extend the reach of the standard 100G optics. Additionally I have helped develop an Ethernet performance measurement infrastructure of the AMS-IX network, which provides the customers with SLA measurements. In September 2013 I joined the AMS-IX NOC and focused more on providing customer support and developing automated test tools for our networking hardware and software.

  • Internship at AMS-IX

    My research at AMS-IX was focused on Ethernet OAM Performance Measurement. Using the IEEE 802.1ag and ITU-T Y.1731 standards, key performance indicators like one/two way delay, jitter and frame loss are now being measured and provide the AMS-IX members with reliable values for their SLA's.

  • Internship: Junior Network Engineer at TNF

    At The Network Factory I designed a system for auto-provisioning of Cisco network devices located on customer premises. I used PHP scripting and Linux administration skills to deploy configurations over an MPLS-based network. I also designed and scripted a configuration backup-procedure for a wide variety of network equipment through SNMP and Telnet-scripting (with use of expect).

Michiel Appelman's Education:

  • Universiteit van Amsterdam

  • Hogeschool Zuyd (Maastricht, Heerlen, Sittard)

    B Sc
    Concentration: Network Infrastructure Design

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